Attention Deficit Disorder

Are you feeling hard to concentrate all the day, like to procrastinate your task, poor organization in your home, room or office? You might have ADD. Due to research in 2010, 8% of children between 3-17 years old had been diagnosed with ADD. Boys are 11% and 6% girls are with ADD. ADD will also occur on adults. Some people did not realize they have ADD when they are a kid because ADD did not have hyperactive symptoms may not so easy to get aware during childhood.

Symptoms for adults with ADD are a little bit different to Kids with ADD. The following is some of the common symptoms that will occur on adults.

  • Poor time management
  • Procrastination
  • Irresolution
  • Hard to concentrate on a task
  • Restlessness
  • Forgetful


How to know you are ADD or not?

You think you might have ADDbut you are not sure. Get a specialist to help you to check your ADD level. A specialist will gather your history from different people, better you bring your parents, close friend and close teacher with you. Specialist will interview them to get more detail. Your memories is also very important, you have to tell the specialist more detail that you remember. This could help specialist to diagnose your situation easier. Specialist may also have some screening for you.

Alternative Treatment from Chinese Master

Alternative Treatment can help to reduce the symptoms of ADD, it had been done a lot of research from scientist. Alternative Treatment includes ADD neuro acupuncture, Chinese herbal, behavior treatment and diet treatment.

The Tole ADD Neuro Acupuncture is using fine needle to puncture the head. It flow the Qi in our brain, when the Qi flow it will active the brain cells. The brain cells will then communicate to each other after taking the Chinese medicine from Chinese Master. When you combined the Chinese medicine and neuro acupuncture together is will become more effective and powerful.

Chinese Physician believes a normal disease treatment should combine with diet treatment. Due to this reason, scientist had run some research and test based on the idea. They found that some ADD patient will have a different level of response, they are getting better after diet treatment. ADD patient have a different level food allergic, scientist said. Chinese Master listed out the food that an ADD patient should avoid and what food can help to improve the treatment.

Chinese Master had work in this area when he is young. He have a very good experience in Chinese Treatment. Many of the foreigner had come to Malaysia just because they knew Chinese Master have a good treatment can help them. Intensive treatment is a daily treatment provided by Chinese Master. Chinese Master patients those who have a better and powerful result is because of intensive treatment.

If you want to order the ADD Chinese herbal or The Tole ADD brain powder, you can order it online. Brain Powder can be mixed into liquid you can take it easier.


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